Pre-Season Fitness Report

Published on: Jan 17 2018 | Author: westadelaidefc |

Written by Todd Carr, Strength and Conditioning Coach

The boys are back on the track following a tough block of pre-season training prior to the Christmas break, and it was good to see that the hard work is paying off as we saw some great results on our 2Km time trial. Teejay Halkias took the honours again as he did prior to Christmas, but we also had some impressive times from Jack Agostino and Kenny Karpany. As a group it was encouraging to see some overall improvement, but we know there is still some hard work to be done as we build towards the start of the season.

Time Trial Top 15 Players

  1. Teejay Halkias
  2. Jack Agostino
  3. Kenny Karpany
  4. Ryan Williams
  5. William Gutsche
  6. John Noble
  7. Logan Hill
  8. Errin Wasley-Black
  9. Aaron Fielke
  10. Murray Waite
  11. Lachlan Evans
  12. Kaine Stevens
  13. Jonty Inglis
  14. Josh Stevens
  15. Jono Beech

Fast Twitch

As the players strive to get better this pre-season, we have identified individual areas that need improvement. For some players, speed and agility was an area they needed to focus on. We were lucky enough to head down to Fast Twitch with Senior Assistant Coach Ben Yeomans to test some of these athletic abilities so we can track their improvement. We tested their speed, agility and power using multiple tests and some state-of-the-art equipment located at the gym. These players will head back over the next couple of weeks to re-test and see how far they have come.

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