RD 15 Coaches Report

Published on: Jul 31 2017 | Author: westadelaidefc |

We were prepared for a high quality opponent in Sturt on Saturday and that is what we got. At the end of the game the score told us that we came up short by 4 goals but the reality was that Sturt had 20 scoring shots versus West Adelaide’s 11.

Sturt scored their first goal at the 15 minute mark of the second quarter, which in itself speaks to our hard nosed team defensive effort. Unfortunately, while we were strong defensively during this period of the game we did not score prolifically enough from the opportunities that we created for ourselves. We had more than our share of possession during this time only to be frustrated by skill errors. Consequently at half time the players knew that they were well and truly ‘in the game’ if we could tidy up our ball use efficiency.

The players’ effort was very honest for the duration of the game. We defended as a team as well as we could but it was a constant struggle to threaten on the scoreboard against Sturt’s pressure and our turn overs were costly. Our back six were outstanding throughout the day but we struggled to make enough of the rebound they provided after winning numerous contests under pressure.

We come away from the Sturt game knowing that in some areas we matched it against high quality opposition but in some other areas of the game there is room for improvement. Once again the effort was there and this will always give us a chance against all opposition.

We go into the bye with a focus on Port Adelaide, our next opponent, ,at City Mazda Stadium, in a fortnight’s time. Thank you for the support you afforded us at City Mazda Stadium on Saturday. Please be there in good voice when Port Magpies visit us on Saturday week.

A special best wishes to Wayne Coulls, our highly valued statistician and long time West Adelaide supporter who is battling a health issue. All the best Wayne.

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